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What is Handy?


If you’ve been watching Comedy Central you may have noticed a relatively new miniseries in between shows called Handy. This creative mini-mockumentary series is a pleasant twist on commercials! It’s a commercial, and it’s a show that follows the visual style of shows like The Office, and has a lovable dork protagonist. It’s product placement and witty fast-paced entertainment wrapped into a Handy little comedic bundle, and it’s genius.


Who Created Handy?


If you don’t know them by now, you should. Handy’s creators are writer/director Josh Miller and co-writer/real-life hand model Erich Lane. Before writing and directing Handy, Josh Miller had a proven track record as an award-winning copywriter and creative director at agencies such as Cliff Freeman & Partners and Team One. If you’re not up to date on advertising agencies just know these are some of the most reputable.


The miniseries is loosely based on the festival-celebrated short film “Hand Job: Portrait of a Male Hand Model”, which was ironically written and directed by none other than Josh Miller and Erich Lane. the short film itself played at festivals including the Seattle International Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival, and the San Francisco Indiefest. The idea for the short film occurred to Miller when he was working with Lane on a candy commercial back in 2015.


The Premise


Handy follows the story of hand model Erik Thomas Layne, played by real-life hand model Erich Lane, as he navigates through his adventurous hand-modeling career. This is all very Meta. It gives you a perspective into the personalities of hand-models, why they wear special gloves and are reluctant to share your hand, or do anything with their hands for that matter. It’s also a handy-dandy commercial, as Miller creates a product placement the episodes for real products. In a world were formulaic advertising just doesn’t do the job for us anymore, this idea is genius.