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IT support has many requirements. Accessibility and rapid response are crucial at first glance. But more is needed to ensure effective problem solving.

Time for the help desk

What is necessary to provide an optimal support environment for the customer? The list seems endless and is depending on the perspective quite different. The telephone support is only limited effective. Mostly it requires the transmission of screenshots or error messages in text form, in order to be able to classify the problem at all. Not infrequently, log files are required to perform a more detailed analysis.

Emails and again emails

Outlook is a blessing. No professional user gets by without this control center of self-organization. On the other hand, the daily flood of incoming news is at the same time a constant distraction from productive work. The Zero-Inbox is and remains a challenge. This applies all the more if this means of communication is used to handle IT support. Too fast the overview is lost and the only way out remains the full-text search. Prioritization?None.Correspondence course?Difficult. Rather you can make use of this software and find the best answer to that.

More order, more focus

The electronic mailbox is “misused” for a variety of messages. Short messages are sent instead of using chat apps. Files are submitted instead of using DMS shares. And not least all these support requests. A ticket system is the (better) alternative here! There is room for additional information, which is crucial to quickly and effectively deal with a problem and to document the course accordingly.

Priorities and efficiency

Problems in computer operation are the order of the day. Mostly it is little thingsbut of it a multiplicity. Every now and then there are major impairments, which require more attention (and multiple editors). Keeping the overview and assigning the right weight can be a challenge for the editor as well as for the ticket creator. And last but not least, the IT manager (the customer) should stay informed about all processes. This is the e-mail at the end.

Monitoring and automatisms

The creation of support tickets by the user is just one way to get quick help. However, in the better case, faults are already detected by a monitoring system and thus already provide the basis for the ticket. The efficient combination of proactive system monitoring and automatically generated trouble tickets teaches both the support and the IT management without any intervention in the quickest way. The benefits of tracking all activities included.

Who, when, what?

Why does it take so long to eliminate this “simple incident”? Is this being worked on? What is the current standing? All these questions, which occur in the course of a time-consuming processing of a request or disturbance, are easy to answer using a ticket systemat any time and without asking questions. The history brings quality.