I shit on the fact that there are sections for pornstars at all, but here I check out a site dedicated exclusively to the wonderful porn beauties…. pretty hypocritical of me, right? Well, it’s not really hypocritical considering that I check all the porn sites so your lazy ass doesn’t have to check it yourself. Now I will talk more about the miracles that tubepornstars.com has to offer.

Basically, this is a site that contains a lot of beautiful porn stars, and that’s all there is to it….. I’m kidding, of course. While the point of this site is to show you a huge list of kinky porn beauties, you’ll also get a list of their porn videos, which frankly is the only reason I don’t totally reject this place. I am sure that if you give him time, you will find the beauty and content you have been looking for.

The first thing I will mention is that this site is a part of TubeGalore, FUQ, VR Porzo…. Network is. There are many other sites in your Network and I’m sure you’ll find the shit you’re looking for there as well. Note, however, that all their websites are only Host websites where you have Videos that actually come from other websites….. I think we all know what Hosts websites.

If you click on the page, you get a list of their network pages, and since all their crap is free, you should check them too; especially if you don’t find the shit you’re looking for here, which is frankly highly unlikely. The website assumes that there are over 49 million Videos, but how can I be 100% sure? Don’t expect me to actually count, you’d have to be mentally challenged to try that at all.

Anyway, the whole point of this site is that you get offered a lot of beautiful porn stars, and I’m sure you’ll find the crap you’re looking for. However, I must add that some of the pornstar Thumbnails are damned questionable, and I can say that these previews were not hand-picked….. I mean, one of the sweet ones had a picture of herself with a face mask on, which doesn’t tell me anything about the content she offers or even what she looks like.

I was really confused while browsing, as it would be so much easier if you would use Standard solo photos of every beauty just to give us an idea of what the slut looks like, as some porn stars in this way have the strangest or stupidest preview views that would never make me want to click on their section at all. Well, apart from the thumbnails, you also get her name and that’s it.

This place also has a lot of free content, so explore as much as you want. Once you’ve found the beauty you like, you should explore her Videos, because that’s literally the point of this site. Basically, no matter what chick you click on, you only get her Videos. If you already have a favorite porn star, which is fucking weird, you can search for porn stars with the first letter of the name or their full name on the page.

Personally, I could never tie myself to just one slut, especially not to a porn star chick, as these girls do what they were made to please aka US. Once you’ve decided on the beauty you like best, you can list the Videos in different ways: by date, duration, quality, source, popularity…. and that’s all.

Normally I would also shit on the fact that there are no categories, but I kind of expected that from a site that only offers the pornstar chicks. I mean, what kind of categories can you expect, since this site is made for those who have a preference when it comes to the chicks they look at, and not the actual act. Well, here you have listed the hottest pornstars, and I’m sure you’ll find the bride who makes your cock hard.

One of the first girls I wanted to try out is Alexis Fawx, and I think it’s obvious why she was my first choice. This gorgeous blonde Milf has a huge pair of fake tits and she just loves to use them while enjoying lots of hard rods. My personal favorite video of her is when she enjoys a threesome with two horny Black men!

Of course, she’s not the only slut I checked out, but I’m not really here to talk to you about the porn stars that are here, since you basically have them all, and that should have been very obvious. The Design of the site is pretty crappy, but it’s also user friendly, so I’ll let you go through with it. If you get over the fact that this place looks like it just came out of the 2000s, you won’t have any problems here.

Even if you don’t give a shit about the porn stars, you can use the search box at the top and type whatever you want to see, and you get corresponding results, which is the only shit that matters. But, just like all sites in your Network are Host sites, this place is literally the same…. and that’s another thing to expect.

Even if this is only a host site, tubepornstars.com lots of gorgeous pornstars and lots of perverted porn Videos you can enjoy. They tend to update their website from time to time, and if you don’t find what makes your cock hard, check other websites on their network.